Meet The IMA Team



Martin is proud to be one of the 73 million people who discovered The Beatles’ during the band’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in February, 1964. Finding new artists and new music remains a lifelong passion.

Among the many roles he plays on the Music Resource Group stage are: Director of The Independent Music Awards (IMA) and Publisher of The Musician’s Atlas. He leads the company’s sales, sponsorships and partnership efforts and is a frequent speaker at national music conferences. He graduated from Boston University’s School of Public Communication with a B.S. in public relations. Indeed! He left that industry many moons ago to help found Music Resource Group, parent company of The IMAs and The Atlas.

When not sporting a pair of headphones or getting as close to front and center in a concert hall or club as possible, you might catch him pursuing his other passions which include cooking, reading and spending quality time with his family & friends.




Jude is 1/2 of the celebrated husband & wife team of Folkman & Folkman, who in a former life as principals of the NYC PR/Marketing firm The KITA Group, helped Ban The Box to save the music industry & the planet from drowning in wasteful CD packages.

As Chief Strategy Officer & Director of Marketing, Jude wears many hats (and shoes) at Music Resource Group. An omnivore, Jude cooks and devours creatures great & small (with gusto – not pesto); is a sinophile, tree-hugging political junkie who reads anything she can, whenever she can.

Bereft of any musical talent, Jude may be the only one on the planet who has no shot at a musical career. However, she is often heard applauding from front row center.




Robert is the Artist Relations Manager and a coordinator for The Independent Music Awards. He’s also Senior Editor of The Musician’s Atlas. He has a BA in Music Education with a concentration in Percussion and over a decade of teaching and performance experience. He has proudly been a member of several independent bands which have garnered an impressive list of accomplishments, including an Independent Music Award for Best Pop Song.

His interests also apply to other dynamics of the music world including music technology, composition, journalism and pop musicology. In his free time, he enjoys time traveling, crashing Bat Mitzvahs, and painting with his eyelids. He one day hopes to become an autotroph and ultimately become more pretentious than vegans.