Bridget Larson

10th Annual Contemporary Christian Album
Vox Pop Winner

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Home Base: The East Coast, USA

Genre: Contemporary Christian~ Pop flavored music with Lyrical content centered around Jesus and peoples relationships with Him.

Category Entered: Contemporary Christian Album

Work Submitted: He Is

Artists Featured: Mike Wells (Co-Producer and Co-writer, singer and instrumentalist), David Langlois (Percussion/Washboard), Carolin Pook (Violin), Steve Jankowski (Trumpets, Trombones and Horn Arrangement), Doug DeHays ( Tenor and Bari Sax) Delores Holmes (BGV’s), Layonne Holmes (BGV’s), Ericka Helling (BGV’s) Chris Leuzinger (Guitars), Tony Harrell (Piano, B3, strings), David Hood (bass), Owen Hale (Drums), Chad Carlson (Tracking Engineer), Bill Schnee (Mixing Engineer),and Bernie Becker (Mastering)

Label: Son Of Jesse Records


Influences: I was brought up listening to and loving Barbra Streisand, Judy Collins and loved Aretha Franklin. Praise and Worship Artists like Darlene Zschech, Rita Springer, Chris Tomlin, and most of the Vineyard Worship Songs/Artists have made a huge impact on my life and music as well.

What’s the meaning of your band name? My name means “Enduring Spirit”. Funny how true that has become!

Describe your nominated work: Musically it is rooted in acoustic instruments~ Guitar/Piano and colored with Single string instruments, B3 and Percussion. The songs are uplifting/intimate songs that focus on Jesus and our relationships with Him.

Why did you choose to submit this work to The 10th IMA’s? We spent so much time and effort making it what it is, and felt it could get recognized as a great piece of musical work that can encourage and help the listener with their walk with Christ.

Did you use any unusual effects or instruments in this recording? A washboard was used on a few songs by the amazing David Langlois. He is a very unique percussion artist from France and brought a unique element to songs like the title track, “He Is”.

Were there any happy accidents while in the studio, or did everything go as planned? Isn’t everything in the studio a happy accident? lol

Did fans help you fund this project? Yes and I am so thankful! To have others invest in you… emotionally, spiritually and sometimes financially is critical in this life!

Who’s sitting in your audience? Just about anyone really…from kids to the elderly, believer to the non-believer. Church and ministry events bring out so many walks of life..which is great because you have an opportunity to minister to so many!

What makes your fans unique? They are usually seeking a deeper connection with God..and hopefully they get it!

Are there any songs you wish you wrote? So many! Most recently, I have been heard saying that whenever I sing the following songs: “How Deep the Fathers Love For Us”, “In Christ Alone”,” The Revelation Song”

What artists are you listening to that would surprise your fans? Prince. I recently downloaded a whole slew of his 80’s hits…after all I am originally from Minneapolis!

What is your dream show lineup? Well, of course I would like to be in the lineup somewhere…Preferably leading a praise and worship night with Mike Wells and Chris Tomlin. If Barbra, Aretha and Judy could come on out for a concert and endulge me with a few duets with them that would be acceptable…;)

What are your guilty pleasures on the road? Skittles and Cracker Barrell

Any close calls or mishaps while on tour? My first ministry event that I was flying away for, I woke up with a broken finger, missed my flight and then they lost my luggage. The women I was meeting up with also missed her flight and they lost her luggage. Considering I play Piano and Guitar, the finger was an issue.. Other than that, so far so good.

Do you have any backstage rituals before you go on stage: Prayer!

Should music be free? When necessary….I give away music when I feel led. But, it costs a ton of money to make music…people have no idea what a great studio microphone and other equipment can cost! Not to mention the time it takes to record, even after all of the time you spend in your life honing your craft.

How has digital affected your career? I would say it has great potential to broaden it and make it more accessible to more people.

Are digital singles vs. full albums the future of music? I think it will be both. There are so many different types of fans out there…the technically savvy who prefer to download music, and the diehard album buyers who love the whole experience of an album. I am both of those…so there must be many others out there like me 😉

Finish this sentence: The music industry is… the way it is