Eric Wilson: 8th Annual Program – Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album IMA Vox Populi Winner

Eric Wilson

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Eric Wilson

“there…i would walk a million miles if i knew that when i got there, i would have the answers…faulty shoestrings, a worrysome soul and an empty wallet have undoubtedly slowed me down to a crawl at times, yet it all moves so fast i can’t seem to remember even the biggest bumps in the road…and i’m pretty sure that’s because the worst of it only sheds light on the greater things, the happy things, the things that are best remembered…so, after i slide down the easy side of one of those bumps, (and yeah, it’s that day, a simple day, that day that you never want to let go of, when the weather’s just right, and all seems to just fall into place), i generally ask myself, ‘why stress about getting there?’…it seems like there are millions of ways to get there…yet…the truth is that there’s really only one way to get there, because no matter how many choices you have, you’re only going to go one way…your way…and you just have to trust that your way will get you there…always.”