Forest City Lovers

10th Annual Indie/Alt./Hard Rock Album Nominee

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Record Label: Play the Triangle / Out of this Spark

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Forest City Lovers are nature-loving urban dwellers spinning lingering, lyrical melodies across the landscape of Canadian folk-pop.

Born a fledgling pseudo-solo project of young songwriter Kat Burns, Forest City Lovers took flight in 2006 with the independent release The Sun and the Wind. The band grew up into a fully-realized collaborative outfit and in 2008 launched their critically acclaimed sophmore album Haunting Moon Sinking (Out of This Spark), a collection that bolsters FCL’s signature tunefulness with talented musicianship, strong guitar lines, and swelling string arrangements.

Phodilus and Tyto, a 7” vinyl released at the end of 2009, paved the way for the full-length follow-up, Carriage, released in July 2010. Carriage picks up where Haunting Moon Sinking left off, marching forward with arrangements and melodies that go from acutely vulnerable to downright sinister. A collection that drifts sonically across decades, Carriage laces folk tinged 1970s whimsy into contemporary pop gems to keep your feet tapping as you go singing down the sunny street.