11th Annual Indie / Alt. Rock Album Nominee

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Record Label: Bonsound Records

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Home Base: Montreal

Genre: Indie / Alt. Rock

Categories Entered: Indie / Alt. Rock Album

Work Submitted: Tantale

Artists Featured: Monogrenade

Label: Bonsound Records

Who are your influences? Any evolutive music ; Godspeed You Black Emperor, Debussy, Walter Marchetti, Lhasa, Reich, Danny Eflman, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Radiohead, Bjork, etc.

Describe your nominated work. It’s called Tantale, and it’s our first LP. Our sound is somewhat difficult to describe, each song is quite different from the next.

Did you use any unusual effects or instruments in this recording? We recorded some tracks in an indoor pool for its natural reverb. The pool was in a big house we had rented especially for that, with lots of different rooms

Were there any happy accidents while in the studio, or did everything go as planned? I can’t really think of any happy accidents, but not everything was planned, and actually some of the songs we finished composing while we were in studio. The recording took longer than we thought. Near the end, the rush was really intense!

How did you raise the funds for this project? How long do you expect it will take to recoup your out-of-pocket recording expenses? We got a big hand from Musicaction and invested the rest from our own pocket. We hope to recoup the expenses before we’re fifty years old!

Why did you choose to submit this work to The 11th IMAs? We thought it would be important exposure for us, because the IMAs are important for independent music.

What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you’ve achieved it? It’s a little hard to say but I guess we could say it will be achieved when we can live from making music, and when we get to play for and with people we admire.

How will you leverage your IMA honors to achieve your career goals? We’re gonna shout it everywhere!

Who’s sitting in your audience and what makes your fans unique? I think our audience is very eclectic, and that in itself makes it unique.

What is your guilty pleasure on the road? Any close calls or mishaps while on tour? We like to sing along to some really tacky old french stuff. We’re kind of good at that

Who are your musical heroes & influences? There are a lot of different heroes and influences in the band. Any evolutive music is welcome.

Are there any songs you wish you wrote and why? I wish I wrote ‘’There There’’ from Radiohead. I just like how musically, everything is in the right place. The song is perfect, from the begining to the end. The floor tom beat, the bass line; and the guitar riff is hypnotic.

What artists are you listening to that would surprise your fans? A lot of classical and old stuff I guess. We like all the cinematic sounding stuff and new music. I just discovered Walter Marchetti, an italian composer from the 40’s and it’s just amazing.

How do you discover new music? Do you buy music or are you content with streaming? Most of the time from the internet: podcasts, random trails of suggested links. Or simply by word of mouth of course.

How will musicians make a living if fans continue to expect music to be free? Royalties and shows I guess.

What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today? Well, what they do see and are a part of is how much fun we have on stage, and that of course is very real, but i think they often don’t realize that it’s a rather very small part of it all. They don’t know just how difficult it is sometimes, just how much has to be invested, and how we usually have to manage to live and make everything with very little means.

Are digital singles/EPs vs. full albums the future? I really don’t know..

Finish this sentence: The music industry is…something we should change.

What do you have in the works for the upcoming year? We have several drafts of songs, and we just built a recording studio. We now have a place of our own to write and record music.

Where fans can find you and your music: