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14th Annual Rap/Hip-Hop Album Nominee
11th Annual Short Form Music Video Nominee
10th Annual Rap/Hip-Hop Album Winner

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Record Label: Bonsound

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Home Base: Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada

Genre: Electro/ Rap/ Hip-Hop

Category Entered: Rap/ Hip-Hop Album

Work Submitted: Belmundo Regal


Did you use and unusual instruments or effects on your nominated work? We used crocodile teeth necklaces for shakers, reel to reel tape for the grit, dried lavender leaves for scented texture, and the rubbing sound of fisherman rope. Everything we used was pretty traditional stuff.

Were there any happy accidents in the studio? Everything that’s an accident was incredible and everything that was planned was a disaster.

Did fans help you fund this project? Yes spiritually as well as monetarily unknowingly.

Who’s sitting in your audience? Hopefully they’re not sitting, since our main objectives is for people to get-up and shake their chakras, but basically you have kids that are 5 years old, up to grand-parents (76 years), sitting, alone through a one hour opening to see us play on a weekday. This is true. We love our nephew’s and nieces as we do our grandparents. We love kitchen parties when everybody’s getting freaky together. So we unconsciously made music thats réunîtes ages, genders, music lovers of all corners. Marketing guys like to have clear segmentation of fans, such as males between the age of 18-24 who drink Red-bull and watch PBS, but with us it’s way more complicated then that.

What makes your fans unique? Are fans are unique because, they into a hip-hop band (from what we here), but don’t like hip-hop. Are fans also have telepathic and levitation tendencies.

Are they songs you wish you wrote? We don’t wish for anything in the past, that’s about as futile as you can get.

What artists are you listening to that would surprise your fans? We wrote a song called “ Kenny-G non-stop’’, so I don’t think they would be to surprised. Altough Alex is into Yoga lately that uses Gong’s to meditate with, so he’s really into that. I’m doing Qi Gong, which has nothing to do with Gongs (the instrument), but with controlling you Chi (life force), I downloaded these amazing flute songs to accompany my breathing exercises. There is on German guy called Büdi Siebert, it’s music is amazing, there are bird and wind samples threw-out. There’s also another guy from the states called Michael Owens, his flute playing is incredible, timeless. Check him out on Youtube. I think are fans might be surprised about them, but then again maybe not.

What is your dream show line-up? Jamie Oliver would prepare food for all the fans before the show. Sitting Bull would say a prayer. John Malkovich would introduce us before we go on stage. Our grandmothers would give us big hugs before we start. On stage, with Madlib on the drum machine, Ali Farka Toure on the strings, Duke Ellington on Piano, Esma Redzepova on the mic, the 2 drummers from Karkwa on percussion, Romanian spinning knee dancers, Alexander McQueen on the visuels. Deepok Chopra would wish everybody a goodnight.

What are your guilty pleasures on the road? We’re not very into guilt.

Any closes call or mishaps on tour? Besides forgetting our passports and arriving on the plane 20 minutes after everybody’s, been buckled-up, so far so good.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Yoga, Qi Gong, grapefruit and absinthe.

Should music be free? It is free.

How has digital music affected your career? Technology used to share your music, works like grandparents at you local dinner yapping away and gossiping about people in the community it spreads the word. Who wouldn’t want grandparents around the world talking about your stuff and sharing it to other grandparents?

Are digital singles vs. full albums the future of music? I will ask my tea cup reader the next time is see her, but real time creation and consumption using nano technologies for sharing is just around the corner.

Finish this sentence: The music industry is… hanging-out and hanging-on.