Torpedo Boyz: 8th Annual Program – Dance/Electronica Album IMA Winner

Torpedo Boyz

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Torpedo Boyz

First let us tell you something about the Torpedo Boyz. Their story sure is a mega funky story of strange ways to success.

In 2004 and basically just for fun Kentastic and Rollin Hand put together “Gimme A Bassline!”, their first and infectious single that took the dancefloors of the world by storm!

Less then 5 years later, in early 2009, the Torpedo Boyz were announced winner of the US American INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD for their album „Cum On Feel The Boyz“ (Best Dance/Electronica Album 2008).

But let’s start from the beginning. In 2004 their ground-shaking debut 12”“Gimme A Bassline!” entered the Top 5 in the German Club Charts shortly after it’s release and was picked by PUMA for a major tv spot. In no time the track started to rotate on turntables and airplaylists around the globe. New York-based Ursula 1000 put “Bassline!” on his famous “Ursuladelica” compilation, en vogue producers Fort Knox Five from Washington D.C. offered their remix services for their next single.

The Torpedo Boyz continued delivering more quality dancefloor smash hits like „Are You Talking To Me???“, „Japaneeze Boyz“ and „The Disco Song“ (with remixes by Smoove, Skeewiff, The Pinkertones, Cubismo Grafico, Groove Allegiance a.o.) while their albums “Headache Music” and “Cum On Feel The Boyz” were released in Europe and North America. Further official album releases followed in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Well, that also doesn’t happen to everyone.

And hey – that’s not all, folks! Food giant Nestlé is still using the Torpedo-Boyz track „Any Trash, Professor Abacus?“ for their popular „Cheerios“ TV campaign in England, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. And if you happen to watch tv in Eastern Europe you might see people drinking their ice tea to “Are you Talking To Me???” while major Italian tv stations don’t seem to be able to do their evening program without their beloved Torpedo-Boyz jingles.

Somehow the Torpedo Boyz are everywhere…

BUT the Torpedo Boyz are far from just being a club music producer team. The fact that they have managed to put their funky music live on stage is surely exceptional in this genre. With their incredible live show and outfits they left their audiences in disbelief with open mouths and hands way up in the air. Though they are hard to catch on stage these days due to the fact that they have decided to only play special events. So far they did exactly that in the USA, Canada, Russia and selected European cities.

Meanwhile and if not on tour with the boyz or producing new studio material, Kentastic is constantly jetting from airport to airport spreading the word of Torpedo funkyness in clubs around the globe. He already made people scream in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, Vienna, St.Petersburg, Budapest, Amsterdam and Zurich and took the dancefloors by storm in Tokyo, Bratislava, Seoul, Vancouver, Beijing, Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco.

Spinning the funkiest breaks, fattest beats and grooviest basslines with a fine sense for tasty music, Kentastic has gained international respect.

For 2009 the Torpedo Boyz are planing their first shows in South America followed by more gigs in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. New studio material is in the pipeline and should be hitting the dancefloors later this year.

So be aware. The Torpedo Boyz madness is still running with high spreed…!!!