Toy Soldiers

10th Annual Alt. Country Album Nominee
10th Annual College Label Release
(Album or EP) Nominee
10th Annual Blues Song Winner

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Alt. Country Album
College Label Release (Album or EP)
Blues Song

Record Label: MAD Dragon Records

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The Story of Toy Soldiers…

Toy Soldiers began as a duo between songwriter Ron Gallo and long-time friend Mike Baurer. After a year and a half of cruising around the northeast in Toyota Camry, playing basements and dive bars, selling handrawn, homemade demo’s they entered into the hidden recording studio at The Fire in Philadelphia in early 2009 to create the first full-length album Whisper Down the Lane. Gallo rounded up all of his local musician friends to come into the studio to contribute whatever they wanted to the songs.

After the record was finished Toy Soldiers entered into their ‘Big Band Era.’ On May 9th, 2009 the new lineup took the stage for the first time at a one-time event called Fishtown Collective. During this time the lineup consisted of Gallo with guitarist Daniel King, multi-instrumentalist Noah Skaroff, bassist Bennett Daniels, drummer Tom Cladek, singers Kate Foust and Vinchelle Woods, and washboard/percussionist Garrett Smith.

In October of 2010 after a long road of loss and gain, a grueling tour and open eyes Gallo took Toy Soldiers by the reigns to enter into the third era and what he considers the most cultivated idea of “the band”. They say third times a charm, we’ll see!