Various Artists – AEMMP Records Chompilation

Various Artists

9th Annual College Label Release Album Winner
9th Annual College Label Release Album Vox Pop Winner

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Genre: College Label Release
AEMMP Records

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ALBUM: AEMMP Records Chompilation

GENRES? New Wave, Post Punk, Sad Disco


This is a true story of seven strangers, picked to create and release a compilation for school when you’re a student in Columbia College’s Arts, Entertainment & Media Management Program (AEMMP). This year the project was headed by the duo of music industry expert Martin Atkins (Public Image Limited, Pigface) and marketing specialist David Lewis (Minus the Bear, Dr. Dog, the Blood Brothers). For the 2009 release, AEMMP has put together a compilation of Chicago-based musicians called Chompilation. The 21-track compilation aims to define “‘what’s next” in the burgeoning Chicago music scene. All in all the disc is an eclectic mix of songs, with tastes of charged-up indie rock (Office and Maps & Atlases); innocent-tinged pop (Pet Lions and The Dials); Q-101 friendly rock (Holding Mercury and A Friend Called Fire); hip-hop a la Kanye, minus the caps lock (Bullet); and electronic make-you-shake pop (Walter Meego). This compilation of artists stretches across many different genres making it appealing to any music lovers’ taste buds. Not to mention, half of the tracks are Chomp exclusives.