9th IMA Submission Spotlight: Yvonne Perkins

9th IMA Submission Spotlight: Yvonne Perkins


ARTIST NAME: Yvonne Perkins ASCAP (Songwriter)


WEB SITE: www.forhisgloryyp.com

INFLUENCES: Yolanda Adams, Shirley Ceasar, Mary, Mary, Kirk Franklin, Bryon Cage, and Hezekiah Walker

7-10-09 “Where Do They Go” Honorable Mention 16th Billboard
4-14-09 “Where Do they Go?” Street Team Urban Series Vol 2
3-2-09 “Can You Use This Vessel?” Top 10 Broadjam.Com
2-09 “We Give You Glory” February winner Song Of The Year
2-09 “The Altar Call” The Soundcheck Vol 1
1-09 “Just A Little Faith” winner January Spiritual Song
1-29-09 “We Give You Glory” semi-finalist Mike Pinder’s Songwars
10-08 “Don’t Wreck The Train” Music To Live By(Roo Records)
SEMI-FINALIST (Where Do They Go? My Worship Is My Warfare
Don’T Wreck The Train) out of over 6200 song submissions
7-08 “Where Do They Go” Nominated for Hollywood Music Awards
4-08 “I GOT THE POWER” included in NBC’s music catalogue for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Aug 8 – 24).
11-30-07 Spotlight Interview on www.fbccradio.com with Stacey J.
10-2-07 signed publishing contract with America’s New Artist Music for three songs (Victory Dance, My Eyes Wait and What Do You See)

I SUBMITTED TO THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS BECAUSE…It is an international, highly prestigious and well known award that provides continuous exposure to a huge fan base. Recognition from the Independent Music Awards is validation of you as an artist to be noticed. I love the fact that it is not a one time deal but provides ongoing support and opportunities for exposure that will not only expand my fan base but get me noticed by the “power makers, and shakers” in the industry. Again, recognition by the independent music is validation that you have real potential and can be a presence in the music industry.

9TH ANNUAL IMA JUDGE I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT: I am most excited about Bettye LaVette as her bio stated “she remained criminally unknown until 2005…” She is a person who understands what it is to have a dream, vision and talent and go unrecognized but continue to hold fast to your dream and vision. Next, Alex Springer who has not only survived in this industry but is successful in her field and responsible for music licensing in many different areas.

I’M PROUD TO BE AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST BECAUSE: I am one of many that is passionate, determined, dedicated and resourceful about the work that I do. I am determined to impact the world by writing inspirational, thought provoking songs that can reach people on every level and every walk of life.

WHAT’S NEXT: I have 3 new songs (demos) being produced in the next month. More of my songs are being picked up on compilations CD’s. I have recently granted mechanical licenses for five of my songs.

SUCCESS = How do you measure success? Success for me is continuing to get exposure to reach those in the music industry i.e. recording artists, producers, TV/film, plays etc, publishers etc. Success is receiving recognition from prestigious people in the business that my music has validity.

WHAT MAKES MY BAND STAND OUT: The one thing that truly makes my “band” stand out is that I am not a singer or traditional “band.” I am a resourceful songwriter who has seized every avenue and opportunity to promote my songs. The Internet has been invaluable in making this happen. The demos of my songs are on many, many Internet Web sites, Internet radio stations and I have been featured in many Internet magazines. I am the recipient of many awards and my song “I Got Power” was included in the Beijing Olympic database. What this means for the recording artists who is looking for fresh new hit material is that the songs they choose will already have a strong established fanbase. The recording artists has the opportunity to listen to masterfully completed demo, determine if it fits their style, check out the statistics of how the song has been received on different Web sites and radio stations. Additionally I use the Uplaya system and had the courage to post it on MySpace. They can get all of this information to help them make a reasonable decision as to the commercial appeal of the song. I don’t know if any other songwriter is using this approach but I feel it definitely makes my “band” stand out.

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