Fiona Joy Hawkins

12th Annual Live Performance Album Nominee
12th Annual New Age Album Nominee
12th Annual New Age Song Nominee

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Live Performance Album
New Age Album
New Age Song

Record Label: Little Hartley Music

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Home Base: Port Macquarie, NSW Australia

1. Best LIVE Performance
2. Best New Age Album
3. Best New Age Song

Categories Entered: 3

Work Submitted: 3

Artists Featured: Fiona Joy Hawkins

Label: Little Hartley Music

Who are your influences?: Enya, George Winston, Chopin

Describe your nominated work: Celtic New Age music – very “Lord of the Rings”

Best LIVE Performance:  LIVE at the Q was performed with the Blue Dream Ensemble at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre’s Q Theater in Sydney and features some of Australia’s finest orchestral and world music musicians.

Best New Age Album – Sensual Journeys is tribute to my Sister who lost her son Alex, it gives heartfelt thanks to Mothers past present and future and shares an uplifting lesson about a boy who taught so many people to smile in the face of adversity.  Amazing artists on this album includea; Will Ackerman (Producer) and Corin Nelsen (Producer, Engineer), T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits), Jeff Haynes (Pat Methany), and Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort)

Best New Age Song – “The Journey” – from 600 Years in a Moment.  The music from this album takes a modern Australian piano and combines it with ancient instruments from around the world to bring the village and its hidden treasure into a modern musical setting.  The album Is an exploration into time and history, bringing the past to the present, joining old with new and finding origins while looking into the future. This song is my personal journey.   This song features Charles Bisharat (Shadowfax), Jeff Haynes (Pat Methany) and Rebecca Daniel (Australian Chamber Orchestra)

Did you use any unusual effects or instruments in this recording?: All my music is played with a hand made Australian Stuart and Sons piano which as 102 keys.  I use unusual world instruments and ethereal vocals to achieve my ‘sound’.

Were there any happy accidents while in the studio, or did everything go as planned?: Nothing ever goes to plan and if it does you would have an ordinary album.  The unexpected seems to provide the ‘moments of magic’.

How did you raise the funds for this project? How long do you expect it will take to recoup your out-of-pocket recording expenses?: I paid for all three Finalist albums myself and I expect it to take 2-5 years to pay each one back.  They were recorded in multiple countries using some amazing musicians and I am just happy to have had the opportunity.  Art has no price.

Why did you choose to submit this work to The 12th IMAs?: I had know several people who entered and became finalists or won and decided to enter myself through sonicbids.

What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?: When I can sit in the rocking chair totally shagged from giving it my best shot, completely fulfilled from bringing joy to others through my music and still able to share some joy with my knowledge  – then I’ll know I made it about as far as I could hope – that will be my ultimate moment of happiness.

How will you leverage your IMA honors to achieve your career goals?: I will use the prestigious credit from this award by putting the logo on my media, sending the press release to local media and citing my Best Performance Nomination to prospective booking agents and venues. And….I may put the odd brag on FB!

Who’s sitting in your audience and what makes your fans unique?: My fans are compiled of a lot of audiophiles as I re-produce all my albums in SACD multichannel 5.1 and soon to be in vinyl.  The thing that surprises me is the number of people who are die-hard rock or punk, or some totally opposite genre and they can’t believe they would fall in love with my music.  Those fans are often my most loyal cause I introduced them to a more classical style first.  I love those people, they are so real, so honest and so experimental and willing to listen to new things.

What is your guilty pleasure on the road? Any close calls or mishaps while on tour?: My last tour was around the US (Im an Aussie) – I swear I laughed my way from one side to the other.  My tour partner (Trysette)  and I made ridiculous videos that kept our audience at home (and ourselves) amused.  You have to take your music seriously but you can’t take yourself seriously!

On touring with Fiona Part 1

On touring with Fiona Part 2.

Who are your musical heroes & influences?: Those who achieve in the face of adversity and yet still manage to maintain integrity in their music.

Are there any songs you wish you wrote and why?: Nah, the accomplishment belongs to the person who owns the intellectual property – I wouldn’t take that away by wishing it were mine – I would rather celebrate their achievement.  There are too many amazing songwriters to even start!

What artists are you listening to that would surprise your fans?: I love Tango music (I also dance Tango), I love dance electronica – but at heart I’m a ‘folkie’ – I rarely listen to New Age.  I pretty much never listen to piano music.  Its like being in school.  Sure I do enjoy it occasionally but my listening heart has a romance with lyrics.  New Age doesn’t really do ‘lyrics’. When I sing its using voice as instrument – its different.

How do you discover new music? Do you buy music or are you content with streaming?: It seems to find me mostly – online social media, connections through friends, Cdbaby, trolling youtube…..good music always turns up somewhere.

How will musicians make a living if fans continue to expect music to be free?: That worries me!   When there is less good music, things will turn – at least I hope they will.  We can’t keep working for so little return.  I for one am using up all my resources and there is a STOP point and I’m approaching it.  I’m hoping to get my big break before I hit that wall.

What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today?: They don’t understand how what we portray is not an indication of the potential monetization of our music.  We try to look like there’s a lot going on and sometimes in money terms – there just isn’t!  They don’t understand the cost to return ratio.

Are digital singles/EPs vs. full albums the future?: I think the album will still live on in the digital format and for the more fickle genres (pop) the single will be what makes or breaks an artist for sure – digital all the way.  We will only print CDs for PR – they will become the new business card.

Finish this sentence: The music industry is… finding its pathway.

What do you have in the works for the upcoming year?: The release of 600 Years in a Moment on CD, SACD & Vinyl, a tour of Australia and the US and a move into Producing.