Adam Agee

Adam Agee


Life happens. We grow, we learn and those life lessons–who to love, who to trust–shape what we become, and, in the case of Stellar Kart, what they sing.

Three years have passed since the last full-length release from the pop punk four-piece, Stellar Kart. Within those three years the band emerged with over one hundred new songs, stronger relationships with their families, a few kids, some changes to the line-up, strengthened faith and a renewed sense of calling and vision.

The ten songs that make up ALL IN (available August 27, 2013 on Inpop Records) find Stellar Kart showcasing a new depth and growth both lyrically and musically while maintaining the wit and fun that have characterized the band since their first release in 2003.

Says Adam Agee (lead singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter), “I’m ten years older now than when I started the band, and I’ve experienced much more life in these recent years.” And along with that life experience came an abundance of songs, Agee continues, “I’ve never written this many songs for an album before. But as some of the themes started to emerge from these songs, I realized that I had a lot to say about God’s faithfulness. We may not understand why we’re going through struggles in the moment, but I believe it will make sense some day.”

“There is a definitely lots of diversity on this new record: more ballads, straight up rock songs, and of course, some throwbacks to the ‘good ol’ days’ that are classic Stellar Kart.” Agee explains. For their latest full-length effort, Stellar Kart teamed up with hit producer, Seth Mosley (MeInMotion, Newsboys, and Audio Adrenaline). Agee says, “I was really excited when our management team suggested working with Seth on this new album because he’s been a good friend for years. And having the chance to make music with your friends makes the experience that much better!”

The lead single, “All In (Apologize)” is a declaration, driven by acoustic guitars in a mid tempo Green Day fashion. Although it may be more difficult to walk the narrow road, Stellar Kart stands firm in their faith: “I am not ashamed/won’t wont walk away/not trying to disguise/or ever hide the reason that I choose to be a fool/for the One who saved my life/I won’t apologize.” A string section and gang vocals turns the song into an anthem that comes as both a challenge and encouragement to those who are struggling to stand up for what they believe.

Perhaps the most accurate example of a Stellar Kart classic exemplified on ALL IN is “Hollywood Reality”. Poking fun of the ever-increasing influence of reality TV with driving rhythms and roaring guitars, Agee sings, “It’s a Hollywood reality/A la la land of fake believe/scripted for the big screen/living in your TV”. The melody and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are reminiscent of early Blink-182.