Alvaro Villacis – Manager & Director of Booking, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain

Alvaro Villacis


Alvaro is a music venue owner, independent music promoter, professional DJ and more. He has become an inevitable name in the Madrid music scene. After several years working for others at well-known, underground Madrid venues, he opened his first venue – Morgenstern – in 1999. Shortly after, he started organizing shows at his own venue under “The Breezer Gondoliers” nickname, as well as in some of the most relevant Madrid clubs (like El Sol).

In 2007, after closing Morgenstern, he opened a bigger venue, Wurlitzer Ballroom. Here, Alvaro is the General Manager as well as a major promoter of indie and underground shows. Despite Wurlitzer being a medium-sized venue, he was able to promote shows for well-established names like Peter Perret, Paul Heaton, Sky Saxxon, Adolescents, and The Rubinnos. Additionally, he also promoted some of the more promising names of the Madrid indie and underground music scene like Punsettes, Juventud Juche, Biznaga and Muletrain. This effort is what continues to make the Wurlitzer one of the fundamental music venues of not only Madrid, but Europe as well. He has just recently opened a new music venue, Wharf-73, devoted to more intimate and alternative shows.