Andraé Crouch

Andraé Crouch


Supremely talented, intensely dedicated and enormously influential, Andraé Crouch has faithfully offered the timeless message of God’s love to nations and generations with a freshness, originality and authenticity that have earned him a unique and enduring place in the annals of inspirational music.

It was in the mid-Sixties that he brought together a fledgling group of young vocalists and musicians to create the world-renowned Disciples, writing, arranging and producing music that transformed the appeal and artistry of gospel music forever. Launching a solo career in the mid-Eighties, he would go on to leave his distinctive musical mark as a writer and arranger on chart topping hits that effortlessly crossed the pop/gospel divide, working with everyone from Madonna to Diana Ross to Elton John – and a host of others. As founder of the famed Andraé Crouch Singers, he oversaw the group’s pivotal participation on Quincy Jones’ landmark 1990 release, Back On The Block. The group would also be front and center on both Michael Jackson’s smash “Man In The Mirror,” for which Andraé served as a vocal arranger, as well as Jackson’s much-anticipated 2001 comeback album, Invincible. He also made notable contributions to the soundtracks of such hit films as The Color Purple (again collaborating closely with Quincy Jones); The Lion King; and Free Willy, for which he wrote yet another Michael Jackson hit, “You Will Be There.”

Such is his stature among his peers that, in 1996, a host of contemporary Christian stars, including The Winans, Ce Ce Winans, Twila Paris, Michael W. Smith and Bryan Duncan gathered to pay him a unique tribute on an album titled, appropriately, Tribute: The Songs Of Andraé Crouch, which received a Grammy Award.

Andraé recently signed a new record deal with Riverphlo Entertainment and is currently writing and producing new material for his next album. The signing re-teams him with songwriter/producer Mano Hanes (who produced Mighty Wind), who is launching his new label Riverphlo, via Universal Music. A documentary on Andraé’s incredible musical journey is also in the works.