Brian Littrell – Backstreet Boys

Brian Littrell

After fifteen years together and more than 75 million albums sold around the world, the Backstreet Boys are arguably one of the most popular groups of the Billboard generation. On the day of the group’s Millennium CD release, Times Square had to be shut down because nearly 30,000 people showed up. Even still, Brian Littrell is convinced that all the worldly success he’s achieved with the group has been merely a stepping-stone to something bigger, something more significant. The first solo recording heard from Littrell was the Spring 2005 release of “In Christ Alone,” a song that was singled off of the WOW #1’s compilation album. As his solo career continues to soar, Brian shares, “I’ve been a born-again Christian since I was eight years old and I’ve known for a very long time that this has been my calling. If I can do something that opens doors and benefits lives in some way, I hope to be able to do that.” Keep up with Brian by visiting his website at