David Cotton

David Cotton


Born in Austin, Texas in 1959, David Cotton booked his first night-club in 1980 at Steamboat 1874, where he would work for 17 years. Steamboat was a home for Red-Neck Rock in the 70’s and is perhaps best known for the great Stevie Ray Vaughan recording his In the Beginning album there. The Steamboat era was the era when Austin was coined the Live Music Capital of the World.

David Cotton was the only person who worked at Steamboat in its entire 17-years. Not only was he known for buying talent but he also bartended, worked the door, running lights, and even barbacked a few times. Whatever the venue required that evening, David was surely there to do it.

After he sobered up in 1993 he expanded his booking to the Saxon Pub, Hanover’s, Threadgill’s, Lorraine’s in Marble Falls, Texas. He was asked by Clifford Antone to take over the booking at the historical Antone’s Night Club where he worked closely with Susan Antone for 3 and a half years.

Threadgill’s World Headquarter’s is owned by Eddie Wilson, one of the owner’s of the Armadillo World Headquarter’s which opened in 1970. Growing up, David would frequent the Armadillo World Headquarter’s in the 70’s; there has been quite a learning curve working with Mr. Eddie Wilson.

Being allowed to play a very small part into the evolution of young Texas artists has been a great privilege and honor, not something that he takes lightly. His most recent project has been taking over the booking at Poodie’s Hilltop in Spicewood, Texas where they are now bringing live music to Spicewood seven nights a week.

David is becoming known as one of the young Austinites to keep Austin’s musical history burning bright. His musical influences, Texas Blues, Texas Country, Soul, Tom Waits, Jimmy Vaughan, Louie Armstrong, and Willie Nelson have had the most profound effect and inspiration on David.

His staff at Cotton Austin Booking is hoping to have a positive effect on Texas Music for the next 100 years. David Cotton has 26 nieces and nephews who reside in Austin, Texas and hoping several of them will join Cotton Austin as time goes on.