Dez Cadena – The Misfits, Osaka Pop Star, Black Flag

Dez Cadena

Dez Cadena is a punk-of-all-trades. He was the third singer for seminal punk/hardcore band Black Flag, and became the second guitar player, performing on the band’s classic album Damaged before leaving for other pursuits. He has also played in Redd Kross, Twisted Roots, Ella and the Blacks, Vida, Carnage Asada and the Jim Mellon Quartet. He is currently touring and working with The Misfits on a new album (having played on their Project 1950 album as well as The Day The Earth Caught Fire single), as well as the Misfits’ offshoot band, Osaka Popstar, who released one album, Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk, in 2006.