Patrick MacIntyre – Owner, Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary, AB

Patrick MacIntyre


Over the past 20 years, Pat MacIntyre has become an institution in the live music scene in Calgary. He started booking bands in the early 90’s at the King Henry IV Pub downtown, and is now the proprietor of the Ironwood Stage & Grill, presenting over 400 live music shows a year.

Supporting local bands as well as national and international touring artists throughout the year, the Ironwood has established itself as the premiere venue for live music in Western Canada, and has participated as a host venue for the Calgary Folk Festival, the Sled Island Festival, the International Festival of Animated Objects, One Yellow Rabbit High Performance Rodeo, and other notable groups in the thriving arts community.

Throughout the hectic chaos of presenting shows, booking bands, and keeping the business operations on an even keel, MacIntyre greets every challenge with equanimity and a manic grin, and has left an indelible mark (or stain) on a generation of performers and music fans.