Tim Lambesis – As I Lay Dying, Austrian Death Machine

Tim Lambesis


As vocalist and founding member of As I Lay Dying, Tim Lambesis has launched his band from a small San Diego outfit into a priority national act and their label, Metal Blade Records, boasts AILD as their biggest sellers. They took home the 2006 San Diego Music Award for Artist of the Year (beating out Jason Mraz and Switchfoot) and were voted 2006’s Metal Gods by MTV2. The band also has a high profile, marathon tour cycle. AILD has conquered the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, and have been a featured act on Ozzfest’s side stage and Taste of Chaos. Lambesis and his bandmates have also headlined Sounds of the Underground, which placed them in front of 3000-5000 people per night. An Ocean Between Us, AILD’s most recent release, landed #8 position on the Billboard Top 200 charts its first week out making it the highest rock debut on the chart that week. “For a long time in the metal scene, the lyrics weren’t easy for fans to relate to, on a personal level,” Lambesis says. “If you were angry, you listened to metal, but there was no positive advice or lyrics that inspired you to overcome struggles. That didn’t exist until more recently. We’d like to think that we’re a band that many younger people can relate to.” As I Lay Dying’s latest album, The Powerless Rise was recently released via Metal Blade Records. Lambesis’s Arnold Schwartzenegger-inspired side project, Austrian Death Machine, released their second album, Double Brutal, was released in September 2009, also via Metal Blade.