My Silent Bravery feat. Matisyahu

13th Annual Social Action Song Nominee

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Record Label: Matthew W. Shwachman

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Home Base: Boston, MA

Genre: Pop/rock

Categories Entered: Social Action Song

Work Submitted: “To Give (featuring Matisyahu)”

Artists Featured: Matisyahu

Label: MWS Records

Who are your influences?: Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, the Police, etc.  

Describe your nominated work: Upbeat social action song to raise awareness to giving back to the world at large as opposed to taking from it.

Did you use any unusual effects or instruments in this recording?: Mellatron.

Were there any happy accidents while in the studio, or did everything go as planned?: This track has some music greats on it. In addition to Matisyahu, it also features Robert Holmes on guitar (Till Tuesday) Richard Gates on bass (Patty Larkin), Jeff Calder and Anthony Resta Producer extraordinaire!

How did you raise the funds for this project? How long do you expect it will take to recoup your out-of-pocket recording expenses?: I continue to work hard and look at it in terms of a long term investment. I believe investing in your self is a great one!

Why did you choose to submit this work to The 13th IMAs?: I wanted to raise additional awareness for the song and particularly the message in the song.

What’s your definition of success and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?:  My goal is to spread a positive message to the masses and unite people through music. I don’t think I will be satisfied until I feel my music has touched millions of people’s lives and helped affect some positive change to the world so I have some work to do!

How will you leverage your IMA honors to achieve your career goals?: Not sure to be honest. But I think the song To Give is a very meaningful song with a great message and I appreciate the nomination by the IMA to help bring awareness of its message to the world.

Who’s sitting in your audience and what makes your fans unique?: I have such wonderful support from people all over the world. I am truly grateful for each and every listener and I personally respond to all my fans on my social networks and in concert to give them each a unique and authentic experience.

What is your guilty pleasure on the road? Any close calls or mishaps while on tour?:  Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng.

Who are your musical heroes & influences?: Bob Marley is my favorite. I love how he put third world countries on the map and spread a positive message of peace and united people through music.

Are there any songs you wish you wrote and why?: All the ones I haven’t written yet but I am working on it! ; )

What artists are you listening to that would surprise your fans?:  I love a lot of rap. Eminem, Drake, & Nas are a few of my favorite rappers.

How do you discover new music? Do you buy music or are you content with streaming?: I like to buy albums and listen to the full body of work when able. I know as an artist I appreciate it when people give me that courteousy.

How will musicians make a living if fans continue to expect music to be free?:  With great difficulty!

What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today?: How it works : )

Are digital singles/EPs vs. full albums the future?:  Unfortunately I think so. I still prefer to release albums and have songs be part of a full body of work.

Finish this sentence: The music industry is… tough!

What do you have in the works for the upcoming year?:  Releasing a new album this summer, entitled Diamond from Coal and then touring to support the release.