Ashy L Bowz: 8th Annual Program – Rap/Hip-Hop Album IMA Nominee

Ashy L Bowz

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Ashy L Bowz

When you hear the term ashy elbows a lot of different images may come to your mind. Chances are none of those images have anything to do with music in general and definitely not hip hop. Deeno Snuff and Triple X are on a mission to change all that. These two Brooklyn emcee’s are collectively known as Ashy L Bowz and have been entertaining fans since 2006 with mixtapes and live performances.

The Ashy L Bowz are not afraid to push the envelope. They are just as likely to hit you with a gritty NY track as they are a Reggaeton interpretation, and everything in between on the same disc, all with what they describe as a “a touch of ash.” The L Bowz deliver the right mix of concept, lyrics and flow to please just about any music fan. The self-proclaimed Barons of Bowdust always want to keep their listeners guessing, however, one thing you can always expect is an entertaining, high-energy live show.

Their independently distributed debut album No Lotion was released on Ash Wednesday of 2008 and features comedian Donnell Rawlings from Chappelle’s Show – better known as Ashy Larry. The disc has received national attention as well as nominations for the Underground Music Awards, Hollywood Music Awards, Unsigned and Independent Music Awards. No Lotion was also named a finalist for Rap Album of the Year in the Independent Music Awards.

Currently the Ashy L Bowz are performing frequently, continuing their wildly popular YouTube series “How to Roll a Blunt,” working on their sophomore album, No Lotion Squared, and releasing mixtapes to keep their ever growing fan base entertained. When asked what they’ll do next? The Sultans of Soot respond, “Whatever we feel like doing. That’s the benefit of being ashy, nothing is expected but just about anything is accepted.”

Ashy L Bowz is:
Deeno Snuff – emcee
Triple X – emcee