Doug Seymour

14th Annual Artist Publicity Photography Winner
14th Annual Artist Concert Photography Nominee
14th Annual Music Promo Poster Nominee
13th Annual Concert Photography Nominee
13th Annual Publicity Photography Nominee
12th Annual Publicity Photography Winner
12th Annual Publicity Photography Vox Pop Winner
12th Annual Concert Photography Nominee
11th Annual Concert Photography Nominee
10th Annual Concert Photography Winner
10th Annual Concert Photography Vox Pop Winner

14th Winning Piece: The Stray Birds – Best Medicine
CD / LP front cover photo – (Publicity Photo)

14th Nominated Pieces: Cage The Elephant
(Concert Photography) – (See Above)

Brett Gleason – (Poster)

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Publicity Photography

13th Annual Nominated Concert Photo:
Peter Murphy – Bauhaus 35th Anniversary Tour
13th Annual Nominated Publicity Photo:
Luscious Jackson – New Album Magic Hour
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Concert Photography
Publicity Photography

12th Annual Winning Publicity Photo: City Rain
12th Annual Nominated Concert Photo:
Hoots & Hellmouth – Salt CD Release Party
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Concert Photography
Publicity Photography

11th Annual Nominated Piece: Kuf Knotz Concert
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10th Annual Winning Piece: Hoots And Hellmouth –
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13th Annual:
Name: Doug Seymour

Home Base: Pennsylvania

Title of Works / Categories Submitted:
Luscious Jackson “Magic Hour” album (Artist Publicity Photography):

Peter Murphy – Bauhaus 35th Anniversary Tour (Artist Concert Photography):

City Rain “The Optimist” (Album Art / Photography):

How did you become a photographer?:  I’ve been taking photos most of my life.  I also really love music.  Photographing musicians has provided a creative outlet combining these two things.  I feel fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great artists.

How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self?:  It is important to connect with subjects and gauge their comfort level.  If you don’t, it will show in the work.  Making it a collaborative effort with the person or group can be a great way to “connect”.

One of today’s main discussion points amongst photographers is about the use of digital photography; do you use digital cameras? Explain:   I use digital cameras.  We live in a fast paced world because of technology.  There are times when photos need to be turned around quickly.  Digital photography makes this possible.

Locations and weather conditions can be a crucial aspect to a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable factors?:  There have been many photo shoots I’ve had to shift gears because of weather or location change.  You have to think on your feet when this occurs.   Sometimes going in direction that wasn’t planned can produce great results.

Color vs. black and white. Why one over the other, and is the photographic process different?:  I am a fan of both color and B&W photography.  I always shoot in color and convert to B&W during the editing process.  You can’t do the reverse, so I shoot in color every time.

Your favorite or most memorable photograph by another photographer, who and why:  Most memorable is a print my friend Herman Leonard sent to me before his passing in 2010.  It’s a photo of Billie Holiday he took at her home in NYC (1949).  She is in the kitchen cooking a steak for her dog.  Herman included a handwritten note with the print describing his experience photographing Billie.  I am grateful for the friendship I had with Herman.   I have incorporated a lot of his advice into what I do today.  He was truly a great human being and incredible photographer.  Herman photographed most of the jazz greats during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

Where can fans follow your work?:

Facebook: Doug Seymour Music Photography

Twitter: @dougseymour