Hey Ocean

Hey Ocean

9th Annual Pop/Rock Song Nominee

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Genre: Pop/Rock
Pop Machine



Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean! is a young band with a remarkable talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own.

Superb vocals, intricate guitar work, clever bass lines, and remarkable drumming are all showcased by the group’s collective songwriting. Together, Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, David Vertesi, and Daniel Klenner have created a musical repertoire that cannot be ignored – be it on radio, television or your neighbor’s iPod, Hey Ocean! will soon be everywhere.

Aside from their skillful musical delivery, what sets Hey Ocean! apart is the spirited character they bring to the stage. Four mischievous personalities combine to form a dynamic live presence that keeps concertgoers captivated and on their feet. In fact, live performance has been an integral part of what the band calls their “natural growth,” however what began as a very casual musical partnership between friends has in less than four years, morphed into one of Canada’s most successful independent bands.

In 2008, Hey Ocean! unveiled It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else, a fusion of playfully funked up party-pop and thoughtful lyric-driven ballads; introduced to their Canadian fans with no less than three cross-Canada tours. Aspiring to capture the power and intensity of their highly-charged live show in the recording process, the band hooked up with famed indie producer José Miguel Contreras (By Divine Right, Meligrove Band, Lily Frost, The Bicycles).

“We were wondering, how do we bring us and our energy to an album? Who are producers that do that? For some reason, José’s name came up. There’s an urgency to the music that he records that we thought would work for us.”

Leaders in the D.I.Y. generation, the band members have worked incessantly at building the groundwork of their career, releasing their sophomore album on their own label, Pop Machine, created with their friends from Vancouver band Said the Whale. Their efforts have been recognized by the industry, earning Hey Ocean! opening spots with Xavier Rudd and Sarah Harmer. In the last year, they teamed up with Polaris Prize nominee Shad for dates across the country and rocked thousands of fans alongside the much-admired Bedouin Soundclash. The band also wowed audiences at the Calgary Virgin Festival, the Saskatoon Jazz Fest and the Whistler Arts Festival.

In 2009, Hey Ocean! hopes to build on their solid reputation with Canadian fans by working even more: more music, more tours and as many more festivals and outdoor events as possible. By popular demand, the group is also making a path to the United States to connect with its ever-growing fan base south of the border.

“We can’t wait to tour in other parts of the world and to experience those places the way we’ve been lucky enough to experience our own country. We’ve all traveled internationally, but the possibility of going away together and getting to share our music is a pretty exciting prospect.”

Continuously leaving fans in awe, Hey Ocean combines sheer talent, charismatic songs, and an undeniably energetic live show, making them a “must see” Canadian band.