Kes the Band

Kes the Band

11th Annual World Beat Song Nominee
9th Annual World Beat Song Nominee

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Record Label: Self-Released


9th Annual

WHERE WAS THIS ALBUM RECORDED? Mostly in Trinidad & Tobago. The live tracks were recorded in Los Angeles in various clubs.

ARTISTS ON THIS TRACK: Kes the Band – vocalist, Kees Dieffenthaller

NAME OF ALBUM NOMINATED SONG IS ON: The album is On in 5. Nominated song is “Stalker.”

DESCRIBE THE STORY BEHIND THIS SONG: Its about a fan (or a few ) that became a little over zealous and would follow us around everywhere, from the hotel, to the sound check, to the show on the night – and then be back at the hotel before we got there. But, we love our fans.. we love the Stalkers.. hahaha

WHY DID YOU SELECT THIS TRACK TO SUBMIT TO THE IMAs? We selected “Stalker” because it felt special from the start. The beat, the hook, how it all came out so easily. It is one of first cross over type tracks.

WHAT/ IF ANY UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS, SONG STRUCTURE/WRITING TECHNIQUE, RECORDING METHOD DID YOU USE? We did a mixture of live and sequenced instruments to create this track. The producer (Precision Productions – Kasey Phillips and Nikholai Green) was very open to various ideas and suggestions from us. He also experimented with a lot of tones techniques in an effort to make the track sound unique.

WHERE CAN YOU PURCHASE THE ALBUM? The album is available on all major internet sites, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster. Search: KES On In 5, or KES Stalker.

DID FANS HELP FUND THIS PROJECT? They helped in the fact that they have supported our album and the song by purchasing them!

DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE: Our audience loves a live performance and great music. They are a mix of young and old, male and female. In our music, the men relate to certain things and then the women relate to others.

WHAT MAKES YOUR FANS UNIQUE? They support us in everything we do and they are as determined as we are to help us break out internationally.

WHERE HAVE YOU TOURED? UK, all over the Caribbean, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Cayman Islands.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO PLAY? We have had a great time playing everywhere. In each city, the crowd is different. We love to go to new countries. Love small clubs to the large stadiums.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BAND’S MOST EXCITING MOMENT TO DATE? Can we pick a few? Being nominated for this award; working with Dre and Vidal, singing with Patti La Belle and Mark McGrath (not at the same time..) writing with Desmond Child, but mostly – having the huge response to “Stalker” that we have had! It’s been tremendous!

WHAT’S IN THE WORKS FOR 2010?: We are working on our fourth album! Looking to release it in the first quarter and TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE!!!

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS… need of a band like ours – with the unique fusions of Soca, Calypso and Pop, and our highly energetic, exciting live performances!

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Being able to do this for a living!

WHAT’S ON YOUR IPOD THAT WOULD SURPRISE YOUR FANS? Owl City ,N.E.R.D., Van Halen, Prince, Mott the Hoople, Easy Star All-Stars!

NAME SOME ARTISTS YOU ARE CHAMPIONING: We like what we have heard from a number of artists- not sure we can name all! Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Orange Sky, Vampire Weekend, Kings of Leon and all the people out there trying to express themselves truthfully and honestly through the medium of music!