Oreka TX

Oreka TX

9th Annual World Beat Song Nominee

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Genre: World Beat




Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente (San Sebastian – Donostia, 1975) and Igor Otxoa (San Sebastian – Donostia, 1973) have played the txalaparta as a pair since 1997, the year in which Oreka Tx was born. That same year, they also joined a band led by the noted basque composer, musician, and master of the trikitixa (diatonic accordion) Kepa Junkera, a collaboration that garnered them a Latin Grammy. They have shared the stage and/or recorded with a host of international stars, such as, Altan, Taraf de Haidouks, Pat Metheny, Alasdair Fraisier, Hendingarna, Dulce Pontes, Phil Cunningham, Oskorri, Hevia , Maria del Mar Bonet, Carlos Nuñez… Oreka Tx’s first album, Quercus Endorphina, was produced by Kepa Junkera and released by Elkarlanean in 2001. Tracks from this album were featured in the show “Txalaparta” by the famous Spanish dancer and choreographer Nacho Duato, represented by the National Company of Dancing at the most important auditoriums and theatres all over the world. In the same year they formed their own band call Oreka TX and started to play. They have perform in festivals around Europe, America, Africa and Japan as a launchpad to gain awareness for the Txalaparta before embarking on 2004 in the project Nomamadak Tx. Since then they have travelled the world, using the Txalaparta as their vehicle and home, meeting musicians and discovering the reality of far away peoples, from Mongolia to Sahara, from Lapland to India. During their travels, they compiled visual and sound material, with a clear goal in mind: to share this music, these sounds, these images, and these experiences. Their dream has become true and as a result we enjoy an astonishing documentary called Nomadak Tx which won multiple awards at international film festivals. Oreka TX, accompanied by musicians gathered together for the occasion, invites us to go on an unusual concert – journey, in a combination of music and on-stage images. Played live, the richness of the sound and the variety of instruments provides the Txalaparta with an unusual yet welcoming environment, an environment in which the Txalaparta can evolve towards new horizons. Experimentation and fusion are the tool of this new concept for multimedia concerts whilst cultural interaction is its goal.