Tom VandenAvond

12th Annual Americana Album Nominee
10th Annual Alt. Country Album Nominee

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Record Label: Hillgrass Bluebilly Records

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10th Annual:

Homebase: Born and raised in Green Bay, WI….home base is the road.

Genre: I dont have a genre, or I have many…. call it original American music!

Category Submitted: Alt. Country Album

Works Submitted: You Oughta Know Me By Now

Artists Featured: Larry and his Flask is featured on record, they have been on tour support for Dropkick Murphy’s & will be a featured band on this years Warped Tour.

Label: Hillgrass Bluebilly Records

Influences: Doug Sahm, John Prine, Willy Tea Taylor, young Bob Dylan

Why did you submit to The 10th IMAs? I did a couple songs on The IMA Vox-Pop award winning Hiram and Huddie, so Keith at Hillgrass Bluebilly Records submitted my own new album too.

Did you use any unusual instruments on your nominated work? We had an 80 yr old polka accordianist come over, but polka style didnt work on the mexican track…. and I couldnt get a hold of Tom Waits so we found my friend’s cousin. He recorded accordian and he did it for a 12 pack of Miller Lite.

Did fans help fund this project? Hillgrass Bluebilly and myself funded this project. and gramma Toy let us record the record in her attic.

Who is sitting in your audience? Cowboys, Punk Rockers, Teenagers and Old Timers are in my audience. Drunkards, Stoners, and Straights. Women and the Mens.

What makes your fans unique? The fact that in this mix of people all are like poetry.

Are there any songs you wish you wrote? “Abandoned Love” by Bob Dylan

Have you had any close calls on the road? No close calls, as I knock on wood.

Do you have any backstage rituals? No rituals…it’s music not baseball.

Should music be free? I thought music was free….maybe that’s why i am broke.

Are singles vs. albums the future of music? I dont know that it has, but it may be starting to, as less people are buying cds

Finish this sentence: The music industry is… not interested in me and i dont blame it. I have never been interested in it.