Suzanne Vega Goes Direct To Fan With New Record

Suzanne Vega Goes Direct To Fan With New Record

Suzanne Vega has always been an artist that followed her own muse, and nearly 30 years into her professional music career, she’s proving that she hasn’t lost that inspiration by partnering with Nimbit, the popular direct-to-fan music platform. The partnership allows Vega to forego the traditional artist/label avenue, and instead market and sell her music across a variety of channels including, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Vega’s social networking sites.

Vega’s first Nimbit-backed release, Close Up Vol. 1, will feature acoustic reworkings of love songs from her back catalog, and will serve as the first in a series of acoustic based re-recordings. The record will be packaged in a variety of different purchase options.

“I noticed a lot of artists, like Carly Simon and Dar Williams, were recording acoustic versions of their songs, which is a way of owning the masters,” Vega told the New Yorker in a recent interview. “You don’t own the original recordings, but at least you own something.”

Vega is a repeat judge at The Independent Music Awards, having served annually since 2007.

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