Face Time Police – 9th IMA Publicity Photo Nominee

Face Time Police – 9th IMA Publicity Photo Nominee

Nominee Spotlight- PUBLICITY PHOTO

Artist Name: Face Time Police

Web Site: http://www.facetimepolice.com

Homebase/Country of Origin: Schaumburg (a suburb of Chicago), IL – USA

Who is the artist in this photo? Face Time Police

Who took this photo? James Serra (in conjunction with Brian Serra (brother))

Where was this photo taken? We emptied out a room in our home and did the shoot there.

What was the concept behind or inspiration for this photo?

Well, we can’t all just cross our arms and look tough. Just kidding. We wanted a photo that exuded the confidence and determination that we felt after we completed our latest EP (The Definition of Deviation). Musically and lyrically, it captures what we’re all about, so we needed a defining promo pic which reflected that as well. It was important to include those skeletons on top of the keyboard because they symbolize the “bare bones” aspect of our music. People put too much attention on looks/image and (celebrity) status, but when you strip all of that away, is there really an artist beneath it all? That’s the meaning (well, one of the meanings) behind our band name, “Face Time Police.” There are too many faces and not enough ARTists. Taking all of that into consideration, it was important to capture a photo that was very stripped-down, yet strong.

Why did you select this photo to submit to The IMAs?

Aside from capturing a lot of the aspects that we wanted it to, it was our most attention-grabbing photo from that shoot. On the most basic level, it just looks cool. It looks like we’re ready to take on the world. Taking photography guidelines into consideration, it’s a great composition with the rule of thirds in mind. No matter who your eye is focused on, whether it be James on the left or me (Brian) on the right, the rule of thirds is in full effect. I’m also fond of using diagonal horizontals, so, all the right elements just fell into place.

Face Time Police is 100% DIY. Tell us more about that.

DIY is an acronym that stands for “Do It Yourself.” There isn’t any aspect of our art that we aren’t responsible for. We write our own songs, we record and produce our music directly out of our home studio, we design all of our logos, CD artwork, flyers, posters, banners, and merch, we design and maintain our official website, we shoot and edit our own videos, and we even shoot our own promo pictures. There isn’t anyone who can better portray or represent an artist than the artists themselves.

Do you do photography outside of Face Time Police?

Yes, my brother and I have a small multimedia company called “8infinite” that focused on graphic design and web design, and we’ve dabbled in photography from time to time. Throughout the years, we’ve done album artwork photography, live concert photography, and even stop-motion photography, mostly for the avant-garde national metal band, “Mushroomhead.” Also, I’ve been a real estate photographer for a top 10 RE/MAX team in Northern Illinois for over 5 years now.

Where can we see more of your photography?

We recently updated 8infinite.com to include samples of our photography:


Where is your music available?

iTunes, CD Baby, or directly through us at: http://www.facetimepolice.com/merch.html

We also have free mp3’s at: http://www.facetimepolice.com/mp3

What’s in the works for 2010?

We’ve always had a very small window of opportunity to play live shows in the past because of our live band members’ schedules, but recently we employed a fill-in drummer who can make more shows possible, so we’ve been playing live more often recently and we will continue to book more shows throughout the year. We’ve also begun working on the next batch of songs. We aren’t announcing a release date just yet since it’s too early to tell. We don’t like to rush things, and besides, we just released an EP (The Definition of Deviation) not too long ago. It’s not even a year old yet. We also plan to shoot at least 2 more music videos this year as well.

Finish this sentence: The Music Industry is… in a weird place right now. It needs less acts and more artists.

What is your definition of success?

Deviation. To keep the “art” in “artist,” you have to continually challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and break away from the norm. Our motto is: “This isn’t about thinking outside the box… it’s about destroying the box entirely.” Being able to freely explore any and all avenues of your art, expressing your art the way that you want to without any boundaries or limitations, and being able to share your art with the world. THAT is success.

What’s on your iPod that might surprise your fans?

The theme from the “Ginger Snaps” horror trilogy.

Name some artists you are championing:

Off the top of my head… Face Time Police (what?), Mushroomhead, Butch Walker, Maximum The Hormone, Automatic Loveletter, Lupe Fiasco, Nine Inch Nails, Mitch Allan, Regina Spektor, Kanye West, Lights, Jewel, Portishead.

And though they’re no longer active, I still find myself listening to Letters To Cleo quite often.

Oh, and for our guitarist, Phil, I should also mention Enter Shikari.