Discover Artists That Joined The 11th IMAs: The RainDoggs

Discover Artists That Joined The 11th IMAs: The RainDoggs

DESCRIBE YOUR GENRE: Part Tom Waits, Part Snoop Dogg.

CATEGORY ENTERED: Album Category/ EP Category

SONGS SUBMITTED: Full Album Red to Black

ALBUM SUBMITTED: Ali Holder & The RainDoggs “Red to Black”

LABEL Name OR Self-Released: Self-Released under “Carmella Studios” named after my grandmother.

Vocals: Ali Holder
Guitar: Rob Huntley
Guitar: Stewart Cundy
Bass: Rob Porta
Lead Trumpet: Michael Prohaska
Sax: Brent Cagle
Drums: Chris Hausler
Guest Playa’s: Guitar: Mike Lawrence-Yannicelli, Guitar: Stephen Selvey, Keys: Bob Fulton

WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND YOUR BAND NAME? WERE THERE ANY CONTENDERS? This band started off as a simple songwriting challenge. Rob Porta, our manager/bass player/producer spent his career in NYC as an Art Director. Rob has worked with the Village Voice as a video editor, art director along with producing short films and plays. He’s creative life started with music, back in 1988 he played with NYC hard core band “Beyond” for 8 months. Although a successful Art Director the one thing he never did was write and record a full album. “Red to Black” was just a songwriting challenge, so there was no band. Rob would ask friends to play on songs that he thought would fit their style. He met sax player Brent Cagle and guitarist Rob Huntley in a Tom Waits tribute band. Since the band had no singer yet they felt like a pack of lost dogs looking for their pack leader. Since “Red to Black” also has a R&B feel, adding the double GG’s in honor of Snoop Dogg made sense.

DESCRIBE YOUR LATEST RELEASE. Picture Tom Waits and Snoop Dogg in a 68 Camaro driving from New Orleans to LA, and it’s all being filmed by David Lynch.

DID YOU USE ANY UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS OR EFFECTS? We couldn’t afford to record the drums in a studio, so they were purchased. They are recordings of a real drummer, but you have 1000’s of loops, styles and beats to choose from. We also went a little old school and used backward messages.

WERE THERE ANY ‘HAPPY ACCIDENTS’ IN THE STUDIO OR DID YOU RECORD IT AS PLANNED? The whole thing was a happy accident. We played our first show as a unit last month, it was the first time they all met each other.

DID FANS HELP FUND THIS PROJECT? We used KickStarted to raise money for the physical CD’s. Other than that we recorded everything on Logic.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO SUBMIT TO THE 11TH IMAS? Once we finished the final mix we all thought it came out really well. We entered “Stuck in RED” in the “Rock your style” songwriting contest and come in 4th. We then started submitting the album for reviews and they are coming back positive. We’ll just keep riding the momentum.

WHO IS SITTING IN YOUR AUDIENCE?/WHAT MAKES YOUR FANS UNIQUE? There’s a wide age range in the RainDoggs. We appeal to a nice group of people. Our arrangements are standard POP, but it’s layered with interesting rhythms and horn arrangements. We have a nice balance of “Normal” and “Strange” and our audience shows that.

HAVE YOU EVER HUNG OUT WITH ONE OF YOUR MUSICAL HEROES? WHAT’S THE STORY? While working at the Village Voice (rob porta) Ozzy Osbourne was signing autographs at Tower Records. Since they were a client of ours they let me bring my 6 year son in to meet him because our rep knew he liked his music. So I have a photo of Ozzy holding my 6 year old son. Not really hanging out, but the man is the GodFather of Heavy Metal.

WHAT’S YOUR MOST MEMORABLE ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE? So far this album is the most well received creative project we ever worked on. So the jury is still out.

WHAT’S YOUR BEST/CRAZIEST TOUR STORY? There’s a lot of veterans in this band who all have stories, but this unit has yet to tour.

ARE THERE ANY SONGS YOU WISH YOU WROTE? Miss You by the Rolling Stones.

WHAT ARTISTS ARE YOU LISTENING TO THAT WOULD SURPRISE YOUR FANS? Gogol Bordello, John Zorn, JJohn Mellencamp, Brice Springsteen

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM SHOW LINEUP? We would love to open for The Heavy, Black Keys or any artist on Daptone Records.

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS… Not what it used to be, it’s time to borrow Apple’s “Think Different” approach.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN THE WORKS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR? Because the music industry is changing, our plan is to collaborate with various singers with songwriting, touring and recording.

HOW CAN FANS FOLLOW YOU? WHERE IS YOUR MUSIC AVAILABLE? Online is the new Record Store. iTunes, Amazon and so on. You can also listen and follow us on