Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Clayton Denwood

Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Clayton Denwood


Band Name: Clayton Denwood

Home Base: Warwickshire, England

Genres: Americana, Folk-Rock, Blues, Country, Singer-Songwriter

Category Entered: Album Folk-Singer-Songwriter

Work Submitted: To Whom It May Concern – Various Recordings Volume I

Label: Foursquare Records

Producer: Various

Artists Featured: Clayton Denwood

Instruments Featured: Vocals, 6 & 12 String Guitars, Harmonica, Piano/Organ, Bass, Drums & Pedal Steel

Describe your sound: Folk-Country-Blues-Funk-Jazz Rock

Who’s sitting in your audience?: Aging classic folk-rock fans & University Hipster types plus the odd random passersby.

Favorite [press] quote about your music: “Here is a voice and a sound for the 21st century, for a world reeling drunkenly on the edge of the abyss, for an age where the human heart is under savage attack from every side. Into this arena steps a common man with an uncommon talent, with the courage to be, and to speak, and to not back down, to keep carving out a space where the soul can thrive in the middle of the raging storm.” Chris Floyd – Empire Burlesque

The song(s) that changed your life and why: Too many to mention really but hearing Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks at the age of 15 basically sealed my fate.

Describe the first time you walked onstage: It was a little club in Toronto called The Last Temptation; I was nervous as hell & probably totally awkward but acutely aware of the pretty girl sitting at the front of the club.

Why did you submit to this year’s Independent Music Awards?: Sometimes it’s important in life to just show up…throw one’s hat into the ring…ride the bronco-bull of chance. Recognition by ones peers is the highest attainment and something that every artist strives for. Have won a few accolades over the years and it’s always a nice boost to ones creative batteries.

If you win and/or get nominated, how will you use your IMA honor to further your career?: It would definitely be the big headline for a massive Press Release/Promo Campaign. Would also expect it to be a major door opener gig-wise, especially in the larger venues as well hopefully lead to wider distribution…

Who is your musical hero & what would you like to learn from them?: Without question, Bob Dylan.

I’d really like to learn his phone number…Failing that, I suppose I’d ask who his tailor is.

Where can fans follow you/purchase your music?: twitter @claytondenwood1 and