Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Joshua Joe

Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Joshua Joe

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Artist Name: Joshua Joe

Home Base: Georgetown, Guyana.

Genres: Gospel Reggae, R&B, Soft rock, Contemporary Worship

Category Entered: Gospel

Title of Work Submitted: Don’t You Give Up, When I Walk

Label: Self-Released

Producer: Darrell Pugsley- DP Records

Artists Featured: Joshua Joe

Instruments Featured: Keys, Guitar.

Describe your sound: Refreshing and Life Changing

Who’s sitting in your audience?: Friends, Supporters and anyone waiting to be blessed and encouraged.

Favorite [press] quote about your music: Music reaches where mere words cant

The song(s) that changed your life and why: Many Songs- The message and encouragement behind.

Describe the first time you walked onstage: The first time I walked onstage, I was around 4 or 5 years old. I was quite excited about all the people wanting to hear me sing but more excited and concerned about the reward(knowing that I would have been rewarded) I did my best, everyone was pleased and I was rewarded a bunch of bananas and a box of crackers. lol. WoW ! was so excited and pleased that I couldn’t wait to get back on stage.

Why did you submit to this year’s Independent Music Awards?: The opportunity to get all to hear my music and sound. It will both encourage and be a blessing to all who hears the sound and message. It will give the scope for my music to reach a wider audience and more possibilities. eg (bookings, contracts) I need the boost that IMA proposes.

If you win and/or get nominated, how will you use your IMA honor to further your career?: It will definitely be a boost to my music and career since I’m excited about signing with a record label (something my country doesn’t have) and this will create that opportunity for producers and those involved in music to know about and hear what I have to offer, since IMA has that needed influence of recognition.

Who is your musical hero & what would you like to learn from them?: Hillsong Australia- would like to actually do a couple of my songs with them.

Where can fans follow you/purchase your music?: