Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Daina and the Tribe

Discover Artists That Joined The 13th IMAs: Daina and the Tribe


Band Name: Daina and the Tribe

Home Base: Port Richey, Florida

Genres: Jazz, Pop Rock, Blues

Category Entered: Live Performance

Title of Work Submitted: Daina and the Tribe LIVE at “Soundscape” with Jeremy Steig and “CBGB’s” power trio

Label: Daina Shukis

Producer: Daina Shukis

Artists Featured:“Soundscape” Jeremy Steig-flute, Bill Washer-guitar, Jerome Harris-bass, Kamal Zabir-drums “CBGB’s” Butch Cambell-guitar, Paul Ramsey-bass, Lee Finklestein-drums, and Daina Shukis-vocals,finger cyumbals and bells

Instruments Featured: Flute, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion

What’s the story behind your band name?: Daina Shukis writes most of the material, sole author, and with co-author Jeremy Steig. As dancing is a big part of the act with a middle eastern flair, “Tribe” indicates a communal creative link to the spirit world.

Describe your sound: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Fusion, Ethnic

Who’s sitting in your audience?: Lovers, Dancers, Jazz Enthusiasts

Favorite [press] quote  about your music: “exuding sensuality… the dynamic Ms. Shukis, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation…. the sincerity and talent of Ms. Shukis and the musicians…again, Steig has dared to be different, to explore, to probe.” Chuck Berg-Downbeat

The song that changed your life and why?: “The first Time I saw You Baby” written by Adrian Guillery on the record “Jeremy and the Satyrs” made me want to become a rock singer.

Describe the first time you walked onstage: I had the role of one of Annies sisters in the Glens Falls Operetta clubs production of “Annie Get Your Gun” at age 11, Glens Falls NY.

Why did you submit to this year’s Independent Music Awards?: To promote my Album Daina and the Tribe LIVE at “Soundscape” and “CBGB’s” and my upcoming Album Daina and the Tribe “On a Jungle Boat Ride”. I would like recognition for my work with Jeremy Steig. I wrote 2 songs with Marvin Horne which are being copy written and hope to continue composing music.

If you win and/or get nominated, how will you use your IMA honor to further your career?: I would go into the studio to record new material and make more albums and or shop songs to other bands.

Who is your musical hero & what would you like to learn from them?: Jeremy Steig, because he was severely injured with paralysis on the right side of his face and tongue, unable to hear in stereo and continued to play. He should be an inspiration to everyone with disabilities, showing them how an artist can overcome extreme difficulties and incorporate their soul into the music.

Where can fans follow you/purchase your music?: and the Tribe