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Video Q&A with Herrick

Nothing goes as planned. We had this album done three times and threw the whole thing away and started from scratch again. Our songs just kept getting better and we knew our productions could be better for the fans. We wanted this album to be...


Discover Artists Who Joined The 11th IMAs: Randy Clark

HOMEBASE: Grampian,Pa. DESCRIBE YOUR GENRE: Country/Country Rock CATEGORY ENTERED: EP SONGS SUBMITTED: Whisper In the Dark,Last Glance,Silos and Fences,Like A Weed,Never Stop Loving You ALBUM SUBMITTED: Like A Weed LABEL: Self-Released ARTISTS AND PRODUCER FEATURED ON THIS RELEASE: Nashville session players/John Nicholson DESCRIBE YOUR LATEST RELEASE: A little something for everyone WERE THERE ANY...


9th IMAs Country Album Winner to Play Renown Festival in Denmark

The SCC Country Music Festival is an annual festival taking place in Indelukett, Silkeboro, Denmark, featuring Country acts  from all over the globe.  This year, our 9th IMA Country Album winner, Dale Watson, will be performing at this event.  This is quite a ways from...