Song Title: Melodies
Mood: Light, fun, old-world-y
Lyrical Content: Reminiscent, poetic
Vocal Content: Singel female with sections of 3 part function displayPara(fieldID, displayBol) {var paraObj = document.getElementById(fieldID);var showObj = document.getElementById(fieldID+’_show’);var hideObj = document.getElementById(fieldID+’_hide’); = (displayBol)? ” : ‘none’ ; = (!displayBol)? ” : ‘none’ ; = (displayBol)? ” : ‘none’ ;}
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Tempo: Allegro (bpm around 160) Waltz
Instruments Used On Track: Accordion, guitar, stad-up bass, drums
Instrumental Version Available? Not currently – but that can be arranged
Has the song been licensed for synchronization before? Yes
If yes, what was it licensed for? Documentary: Confessions of a Str8 Drag King (2008)
Comparable popular songs: Edith Piaf “La Vie En Rose”

Comment: Joanna Chapman-Smith’s “Unspoken” has been used in Documentary: Caymen 2005: Diver Down. Her song “Moment of Green” has been used in L.O.L. (2009). Her songs “Melodies,” “Arbitrary Lines,” and “Klezbian Mother” have been used in Documentary: Confessions of a Str8 Drag King (2008). Joanna has performed on Breakfast Television and Vancouver. She has recorded with Ken Whitely, Jonas Shandel, Adrian Glynn, Jess Hill, Sarah MacDougall, Sandy Scofield, and Kate Reid. She’s shared the stage with greats like Tom Paxton, Eivor, Old Man Leudeke, Corb Lund, T. Nile, Penny Lang, Kevin Fox, Ridley Bent, and Rachel Van Zanten. Read More…