Various Artists: Action Moves People

13th Annual Spoken Word Album Winner

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Record Label: Self-Released

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Home Base: Earth

Work Submitted: Action Moves People 

Which genres of music are represented on this compilation?: Spoken Word, New Age, Hip Hop, Rock, Folk, Progressive, Native American

Categories Entered: Spoken Word (with music accompaniment)

Artists Featured: Colin Andrews, LOreal AKA ElleVintage, Electric Asturias, Bobby Susser, Carlo Campbell, Lucinda Paulos, Whitney Peyton, Jonathan Padilla, Jus Mic, John Wetton, Krista Wallhagen, F. Alex Johnson, Shakina Lewis-Small, and many others…

Label: Self-Released

What is the common factor &/or theme between all the songs on the compilation?: A strong message of self understanding, self empowerment and global oneness are the main themes woven throughout this album with an acknowledgement that we are all one people regardless of race, religion, age and lifestyle. We believe we can endure the challenges of life, uplift ourselves and one another as we help each other through life. 

What was the reason for the compilation?: Our ultimate goal for Action Moves People is to inspire people to look inside and ask themselves what they can do to pay forward the gifts they are able to share, and to realize their own dreams at the same time. Our differences are our uniqueness, which we can tap into to creatively and solve many important issues that face our Human Race. Helping each other via creative problem solving is what will give us hope for the future. We created this album to raise awareness and funds for the charity “Move This World” whose hallmark program is an innovative, evidence-based curriculum that engages students Pre-K—12, educators, administrators, families, and corporate leaders in movement-based activities as well as verbal and written mediums that promote empathy, mediation skills, and conflict transformation. 

Why were these songs selected?: We selected the 30 pieces on Action Moves People from a number of submissions. We began by partnering with the charity “Move This World“, then we brainstormed our direction, then wrote and selected the poems with the mission of “Move This World” in mind. 

How will the compilation be distributed?: CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes 

Who is the intended audience of this compilation?: All ages, all cultures 

Why did you choose to submit this work to The 13th IMAs?: Recognition through the IMAs will bring more attention to our goal of raising awareness for the “Move This World” charity and their mission. All of us who contributed to Action Moves People put our hearts and minds deeply into this project and we feel we have achieved a very high standard. Through the IMAs, our effort can be recognized amongst our peers and by a wider audience.

How will you leverage your IMA honors to achieve your career goals?: An IMA honor would be leveraged via many channels such as social media and promotional outreach to ultimately bring more awareness to our album and cause. 

Are digital singles/EPs vs. full albums the future?: Not necessarily but likely so. The cost of putting together full albums can be prohibitive and take valuable more time where digital singles/EPs are far more cost effective and timely. That said, the album format is certainly here to stay as far as we are concerned. 

Are compilations harder or easier to promote/sell?: Compilations are easier in some ways to promote and sell since there is a larger team of contributors who often pitch in with promoting, therefore selling through their sources as well. On the flip side, a compilation may not have as much of a focused audience which may make promoting and selling more difficult. 

How will musicians make a living if fans continue to expect music to be free?: The future looks dark for musicians in regard to making a living from their music if fans refuse to pay for their music. Many musicians make a living outside of their releases from: teaching music/instruments, selling merchandise, touring, working an ever popular “day job”, and whatever else it takes to survive in this world. Regarding our Action Moves People release, we give away free listens via streaming through SoundCloud to make it easier for the listener to sample our album and thankfully many people have purchased a CD or three! 

What don’t fans/audiences understand about the music industry today?: Many people do not realize how much creativity and talent exists and is available to listen to outside of the mainstream. Thankfully portals such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and social networks do help listeners to catch on to previously undiscovered artists and projects. The ever-expanding grassroots/word of mouth renaissance via modern communications is a positive force and platform for all who create and want to be heard. Hopefully more and more people will pay it forward to artists of their liking and support their efforts by purchasing their recordings. 

What do you have in the works for the upcoming year?: Our team is always brainstorming, writing, and working toward creating positive change. Future releases are in the works… 

Finish this sentence: The music industry is…in a constant state of reinventing itself. 


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