Deadline to vote is Friday, August 4th, 2017

*The voting platform may not be compatible with some mobile and tablet devices.

#1. Register at (Alternately, artists can provide a direct link to the category where they are nominated, where users can find a link to register.)

#2. Under Register, enter a valid email address, a password and confirm your password; then click Register Now! You will be sent TWO emails. One which activates your registration and one which asks you to confirm your subscription to our newsletter so you can stay updated about the winners and other IMA news. *Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the email to activate your registration.

#3. After clicking the link to activate your registration, you will be asked to log in using the information you provided.

#4. After you log in (if your browser has cookies enabled), you will be returned to the artist’s category where you can vote. If you don’t have cookies enable, you will need to navigate to the category where you’d like to vote.

#5. You should now see 5 unfilled stars next to each nominee. Move your mouse over the amount of stars you’d like to give and click once to vote. 5 stars (clicking the last star on the right) is the best. Once you click, the filled in stars will remain and your vote is counted.